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Known to give one a lean and toned body, Pilates has been embraced by several celebs today. But what exactly is this physical fitness system that has so many people raving about it? Anjali Sareen, Fitness and Pilates Educator & Co-owner of The Zone, Mind & Body Studio, Bangalore sheds light on the same.

What is Pilates?

Pilates makes all movement better.

That is what I lead with when asked, ‘What is Pilates?’

It is a system of movement and exercise that is more than 100 years old; created by a German, Joseph Pilates. The method as we know it today is named after him. Interestingly though, during his lifetime, he referred to his system as Contrology.

That, to me, is the simplest and most appropriate way to describe Pilates. These exercises are all about control, precision, and fluidity; to be achieved through a mind-body focus and breath awareness.


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